About Us
Our Story

Stance Healthcare was founded as a manufacturer of healthcare furniture, and it remains our sole focus. We design and manufacture healthcare-specific furniture for the waiting area, patient room, exam room and dining room. In addition to comfort and functionality, our products also address the vital consideration of clean-ability. We do so by incorporating healthcare-specific features that make our products (and the space around them) easier to clean. Stance is also distinguished in the industry by our willingness and ability to customize our products to meet the challenges of specific projects. Field-replaceable components and upholstery, clean-out spacing, antimicrobial finishes and fabrics, elimination of pinch points and tripping hazards: these features enhance the safety and utility of our products for patients, caregivers and hospital cleaning personnel. It’s this consultation and customization that fuels our ongoing commitment to innovation.


level®-Certified Seating
All Stance seating is level®-Certified to conform to the BIFMA e3 Furniture Sustainability Standard. This means an independent third-party consulting firm has determined that Stance seating products are manufactured in an environmentally sustainable way and that the company is operated in a socially responsible manner.

Symbol of Strength
Extensive end-user feedback has convinced us that durability derived from quality construction is the number one priority in healthcare furnishings. So, we established the Symbol of Strength. It denotes a level of durability that goes above and beyond what is normally expected of healthcare furniture. The Stance Symbol of Strength emblem on a product means it will perform far beyond the demands of the environment into which it is placed. Some may call this over-engineering. We prefer to call it exceeding expectations. We make this statement of quality on selected products that meet strict criteria in order to qualify. As an example, all five of our metal seating lines are built with a fully-welded 14-gauge steel frame, which eliminates the need for fasteners.

Dousing Flame-Retardant Fabrics
Because healthcare furniture is all we do, our products reflect the trend to limit the use of flame-retardant chemicals. We strive to guide and assist our customers in their efforts to limit undesirable chemicals in the products they buy from us. For example, in the case of CAL 133 compliance, fabrics are protected with the K500 Barrier from Preferred Finishing, a flame-retarding treatment that meets CAL133 requirements and does not contain any “Listed Chemicals” (see California Proposition 65 – oehha.ca.gov).

Innovation is Key
And we’re developing new and enhancing current products on a continuous basis. For example, we developed a proprietary self-locking caster system that allows a bedside cabinet to be repositioned easily and to increase patient safety


Good, Better and Best Options
At Stance Healthcare, we believe it’s nice to have options. That’s why we offer our customers Good, Better and Best options in many categories. And, of course, each option has a distinct price point.

It just seems logical to us to give customers the opportunity to buy according to need or budget. But it’s not a common industry practice. The typical manufacturer of healthcare furniture provides only one option in a category. Or they offer multiple product choices but all at one price level. And for many buyers the options are either too rich in price or too thin on quality or features.

Stance customers can buy based on the demands of the particular environment in which the product will be used or based on economy. So, in the Good, Better and Best categories we have an option for an end-user that requires the most durable product available and at least two other lower-priced options for those who don’t. In fact, when it comes to metal seating we offer no fewer than five options and all at distinct price levels.

Stance offers Good, Better and Best alternatives in a variety of categories, including wood seating, case goods, behavioral health seating, overbed tables and sleep products. Each offering in the category is distinguished from the others by quality and price.

But, rest assured, in any category our Good and lowest-priced option is still a healthcare-specific product designed and built in North America with materials manufactured in North America.


Customer Satisfaction is Our Goal
We strive for customer satisfaction in the products we provide, on a continuous basis. Our desire for customer satisfaction is what inspires our rapid response to the urgent requests and immediate needs of our customers. As a result, we listen to our customers and endeavor to understand the challenges of their projects. We also believe that our success is firmly tied to the success of our customers. Therefore, we have 51 sales and service offices throughout North America to help our customers excel in their own healthcare goals.