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Furniture for Behavioral Health Facilities

Healthcare facilities are shifting design to put emphasis on the individual’s comfort and independence. The objective is to create a therapeutic space that feels less institutional and more like home, without sacrificing the fundamentals of safety and security.

In the context of furnishings, this means utilizing innovative designs that provide an appropriate balance of safety, durability and aesthetics. This is achieved by combining warm, inviting color palettes with residential furniture designs while keeping focused on the safety and security of patients, staff and guests.

Designed with residential appeal, Stance Healthcare offers multiple collections of coordinating patient room furniture and products that enhance the comfort and independence of the resident. You can rest assure knowing that these heavy-duty furniture products from Stance were developed in consultation with psychiatric facilities for safety and durability.

Features to consider when specifying behavioral healthcare furniture include:


  • High pressure laminate, solid surface, and polyurethane surfaces wherever possible
  • Selected range of highly durable healthcare-grade upholstery materials


  • 3-way clean sweep around seat cushions
  • No crevices
  • Durable vinyl to withstand stringent cleaning agents


  • Designed to inhibit concealment
  • Anti-ligature features
  • Weighted to deter misuse
  • No sharp points/edges
  • Tamper resistant hardware and glides
  • Floor mount options


What is Behavioral Health Furniture?
What is Behavioral Health Furniture?

This info sheet explains that when purchasing furniture for an intensive environment, safety, durability and cleanability are all major factors to consider.
Institutional Furniture with Residential Appeal
Institutional Furniture with Residential Appeal

The Stance Healthcare collection of intensive-use furniture is designed for the most challenging behavioral health environments. By integrating attractive, transitional design and finishes with robust structural integrity it provides institutional furniture with a warmer, more residential appeal.
Rethinking Behavioral Healthcare Environments
Rethinking Behavioral Healthcare Environments

Research into Behavioral Healthcare facilities indicates that layout, design and structure has a positive effect on patient outcomes. It is believed that interior design can accelerate the healing process through enhanced self-esteem of the individual and increased caregiver productivity.
Value Spectrum for Behavioral Health Furniture
Value Spectrum for Behavioral Health Furniture

At Stance Healthcare we offer our customers Good, Better and Best options in our behavioral health collection. In each category option, our healthcare-specific products have been designed and built in North America with materials manufactured in North America.
Biophilic Design in Behavioral Healthcare
Biophilic Design in Behavioral Healthcare

Biophilic design is defined as the basic human inclination to affiliate with nature. At its core, it is simply the “love of nature:· The idea of biophilic design resonates with behavioral health as it combines therapeutic spaces with a sense of calm and comfort.