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Furniture Design Features and Quality Care
Quality care delivery continues to challenge healthcare leaders. The Society of Actuaries (2010) commissioned a medical claims-based study revealing that 1.5 million avoidable medical errors added $19.5 billion to the healthcare bill nationwide. In spite of intense efforts to improve patient safety and care outcomes since the Institute of Medicine published its report on medical errors over a decade ago (IOM, 1999), many chronic problems remain stubbornly unsolved, such as the failure to reduce postoperative bloodstream and urinary tract infections (AHRQ, 2010). Landrigan and colleagues (2010) found 25.1 harms per 100 admissions at 10 North Carolina hospitals over six years, 63 percent of which were thought to be preventable. The Department of Health and Human Services’ Inspector General found that 13.5 percent of hospitalized Medicare patients experienced adverse events, and another 13.5 percent experienced temporary harm, 44 percent of which were thought by physician reviewers to be preventable (Levinson, 2010). These results continue to occur despite a vast array of patient safety improvement interventions during the past decade (Watcher, 2010).

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